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Michelle Goodman [MSFT]

Hi all,

I’m the editor of the Microsoft Business Solutions Community site
( I wanted to let you know
that we’re still taking questions on RMS items for our upcoming Q&A with
Jimmy Wong, a Microsoft Software Design Engineer in Test (SDET) who works on
the Retail Management System team.

It doesn't matter how complex or simple your question/concern. Any topic
goes, be it discounts, find, inventory, item types, item lookup, pricing,
substitutes, or commission. Jimmy's open to any and all questions. :)

So if you’ve got a question on working with RMS items, send it to me at
(e-mail address removed). Or feel free to use my e-mail address below. I’ll pass
your questions on to Jimmy right away. We’ll publish Jimmy’s answers to your
questions the week of September 8th.

Thanks very much. Hope to hear from some more of you!


Michelle Goodman, Editor
Business Solutions Community
e-mail me at: (e-mail address removed) or (e-mail address removed)

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.




Hi to you
I have email to the address the you have post and nobody
knows anything about it, is this some kind of a jock?



Michelle Goodman [MSFT]

Hi there,

Michelle again, from the Business Solutions Community site. No, this is no
joke. I really work at Microsoft, and I'm really accepting questions for an
upcoming Q&A with an RMS developer. :) See for the site's announcement of
this upcoming chat.

If you emailed me at (e-mail address removed), I got the message. I received a
number of messages in response to my initial post over the weekend, in fact.
(Are you "NM"? If so, I saw your message!)

If you are having trouble getting through on the "bizmeet" e-mail address,
try me at (e-mail address removed). This is my direct e-mail address.

Hope this helps,

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