"Select Financial Institution" list of banks MIA



I'm trying to set up auto-updates with Vanguard, USAA,
others. I know they are supported by Money. I set up and
continue to successfully receive auto-updates w/my broker
(Harris), and have no probs downloading OFX statements
from all my banks. But when I try to set up auto-updates
now, my "select financial instutions" dialog only
shows "not listed". No banks at all. Have rebooted, re-
run updates repeatedly, tried everything I can think of. 3
days into it now. According to MS article 247570, my
fipartnr.ini file is likely corrupted. I followed instrux
to correct, which had as step 2: "delete LastUpdate
Registry Key". Did this, but the expected
file "hkey_current_user/software/ms/money/11.0/online" is
not there. Searched my computer for similar but am not
comfortable messing around in my registry. Help!


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