Self Employment



I know that Money 2004 doens't support invoices etc, but
is there any way you can add Tax forms, so that any
expenses I do add can be tracked from the categories?
Money seems to want me to Employed only and I am
beginning to regret buying something that only inports
tax data into Employment forms and not Self Employment.
Surely there is an add in or update??!!



Glyn Simpson, MVP

You can select the form from the categories and payees section, although in
the UK version, you only have the choice of selecting the SA100 (Main) or
SA101 (Employment) form if you check the option 'include on tax reports'.

Even selecting the 'include on tax reports' form will at least show you the
entries on the tax forms (or on taxsaver, if you import into it).



Lynne Malkin

Ah! I had established that much, but thanks. The problek
is importing it into TaxSaver as Employers wages measn it
comes into the wrong category.

Never ,ind, I ahve added classifications to track the
items instead, and will have to export to Excel!


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