SEP IRA / Keogh Questions



SEP IRA / Keogh Questions

My friend is in a strange situation..
She has a old SEP IRA plan at Fidelity with a some dollars which she
has not contributed to in years.

Then she opened a Keogh QRP prof Sharing plan at Schwab a few years
Now she wants to contribute to her QRP Prof Sharing...but this time at
Vanguard in their index funds

She doesn't want to buy the vanguard funds at Schwab because of the
transaction fees which could be quite a bit over the years if one
trades even every 6 months and contibutes small amounts often.

Schwab says their basic adoption plan isn't portable in other words my
friend cannot contribute to a vanguard Keogh QRP Profit sharing account
using Schawb's plan.

Dos any one have any ideas how this can be done.

Can she keep the QRP Keogh Profit sharing plan ( at Schwab) dormant
for a year or more ?

In other words can she not contribute to the QRP Prof Sharing plan this
year and instead contribute to a new Vanguard SEP IRA plan ? ( even
though she already has an old SEP IRA account at Fidelity)?

This way she will not have to deal with the QRP Plan issue.

Any pros and cons to such an action ?

Basically this year ( and maybe coming years) she wants to fund her
retirement dollars at vanguard in their index funds.

Pls let me know.




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