Separating Transactions from invoices / Accounting


Jamie Boucher

I own a sporting goods store where we do both retail and team business.
Right now I dont have an integrated accounting system.
Here are my two concerns:
1. Is there a way to invoice from the RMS that allows for the user to get
the invoice upon deliver?
2. Is there a way to keep/mark/or some other way establish invoices as team
business instead of regular retail business?
3. If it is done through an integrated accounting system is there one
package that is better suited than another? Peachtree/Quickbooks/Something

Thanks -



Terrible Tom

1 & 2. Yes. You do not have to require a customer for all transactions.
Transactions with no customer would be retail business. Assign a customer,
treat the order as a Work Order and it isn't invoiced until you ship it.

3. I haven't integrated RMS with our accounting system yet, but it is
possible. My partner would like to see us switch to MS GP or MS Small Biz
Financials for ease of integration. We're currently using QuickBooks, and
integration is possible - at least to some extent - though I expect it's not
as smooth as the MS-to-MS integration.


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