Sequencing of Customer ID numbers



I am using customer ID numbers for each account. When creating a new
customer, the system automatically assigns the next number in sequence. My
problem is that I saved a customer using a higher number than was
auto-entered. Even though I changed this number back to the proper sequence,
the system still trys to continue the sequence using the higher numbers. I
cannot switch back to the original sequence of numbers without manually
looking up what should come next, and entering it manually. Is there a *.ini
file or some method I can use to "reset" the proper sequencing?



hari [MS]

One work around is to
a. Create a new customer with customer ID with alpha prefix ex "A1"
b. Now create a new customer and see that the customer Id is populated with
"A2" change it to your preferred lower number and from now on it creating a
new customer will give the next number you entered in your previous customer

Hope this helps.

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