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A StanTech Associate

How can I set a default value in the New Item Wizard? I want to always use a
barcode type that is about 10 down from the top and I want Taxable Item to
always be checked. Help...



Greg [DRS]

You can set the default sales tax under Manager, File, Configuration, Sales
Tax, Default item tax group.

To set a default barcode type you'll need a working knowledge of SQL
triggers or you can install our add-in designed for this purpose.
AutoGen 30-day trial:
Works with Store Operations or HeadQuarters.

If you want to automate and streamline the entire item entry and maintenance
process, check out our Power Ops tool.
Power Ops 30-day trial:
Works with Store Operations or HeadQuarters.
HQ users must be install Power Ops at stores first, then HQ.

To purchase any of our add-ins, contact your RMS reseller.

Digital Retail Solutions

chris allsopp

To set the sales tax. . . . It's not as described below, that option does
not exist. Is this within Headquarters manager? I run version 1.3.1006

please help, as this would be really useful !




Greg [DRS]

You set the default sales tax group at the store level in Store Operations
Manager. Repeat at each store location.
If you want to automate sales tax assignment by store location in HQ, you'll
need our AutoGen add-in.
Once enabled, new items adds in HQ will automatically be assigned the
correct sales tax for each store location.
You can download a 30 day trial of AutoGen at the link below.
For purchasing information, contact your RMS reseller.

Digital Retail Solutions

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