Setting Up An Unsubsudized Stafford Loan



I'm using Money 2003.

How would I go about entering an Unsubsudized Stafford
loan into Money. It is a varable rate loan, adjusted
yearly (July 1). The major deal with it is is that while
in school you defer payments. So I'm taking a loan out
now (say for $10,000). It will collect interest at 2.82%
at least for this year. And I wont be making any
payments on it until 6 months after graduation 11/2007.
Once I start repayment, I will have 10 years to repay.

How can I get this to show up in Money? I would like it
to be able to show an amortization schedule so I know how
much interest is accruing and then show payments so I
have an idea of monthly payments.



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