Settlement charges for Single Family Rental homes



I am a little confused. I need to know where to put the
following, Basis, Expense, or Amortize any help is

This is in two parts... one a 'hard money' short term loan
and the second is for a regular mortgage.

Hard money:
Loan orignation fee (cost of using money):
Underwriting fee:
Interest borrowed:
Wire fee:
Hazzard insurance: Expense
Settlement or closing fee:
Wire Fed-ex Fee:
Recording Fee:
Title insurance:
Endorsements to title insurance:

1st Mortgage:
Loan Orignation fee:
Apprisal Fee:
Credit report:
Processing fee:
Underwriting fee:
Tax service fee:
Flood Certificate:
Doc Prep:
Settlement fee for title insurance:
Title Insurance:
End 100,116 & 8.1:
Recording fees:

Thank you in advance for your responses


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