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Anyone using money to handle money invested in a share club?
If so, can you explain how you've gone about making entries.

Basically the share club has a pooled set of cash with which we buy (badly
perfoming :)
shares. In essence, it operates like a private unit trust in that we set a
unit price each month
and we buy units in the club.
Ideally, I would set up a cash account which my monthly investment is put
into. Then money from this investment would
buy units in this unquoted unit trust. Can this be done?




Glyn Simpson, MVP

You could track the price of the "units" based on the price you calculate,
but how you calculate this price is not really something Money could do.
There's nothign to stop you creatng your own unit trust. Purchasing units
can be done as per regular unit trusts.

Alternatively, track the share club in it's entirity in another Money file,
and work out the price yourself and transfer that into your own file.

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