Shipping Charges



Currently i do not include shipping charges on PO's since my Vendor does not
include shipping on their invoices. I use my own Freight company to retreive
the goods. I have been told i need to include the shipping costs on the
"Bill" for the PO in order to get the true actual cost of the goods. If that
is correct here is my dilema. I would like to present an example.

1) PO from Vendor is for $1000.00
2) Shipping Charges from Freight Company is $150.00 ( Will receive bill in
a few weeks).
3) Paid $1000.00 to Vendor on 8/1/2005 via Wire Transfer.
4)Downloaded online statement from Bank into Quickbooks on 8/3/2005.
5)$1000.00 used to pay Vendor now showing as a payment in "Downloaded

If i add the $150.00 to the Bill the total amount paid will be $1150.00.
That will not match therefore the $1000.00 will still stay in downloaded
transactions as unmatched.

If i need to incorporate the two ,how do i get rid of the $1000.00 which is
in " Downloaded Transactions"?




You're right. The bill would show a total of $1150 and the check would
still be $1000. But a 'matched' transaction has NOTHING to do with the
bill...only the bill payment in Quickbooks and the bill payment
downloaded from your bank. If you are paying the bill outside of
Quickbooks, when you download the transaction from the bank...instead
of matching just 'add' it to the register.

If you then add $150 to the bill, that part of the bill will now be
payable. So, you write another check (or send another transfer),
download it from the bank, and match it or add it to the register
(whichever is appropriate).

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