Shipping Field in Purchase Orders



Does the "Shipping" field in the purchase order window actually do
anything other than hold the values of shipping? Or does it append those
values into the "Cost of Goods" or cost of anything?

I am asking this because recently my boss asked me why there was no
shipping charges appended to the cost of goods on a recent purchase order.
Meaning, why wasn't there $.57 added to each item cost to cover the shipping.
I of course replied that the shipping amount was entered into the purchase
order, but then I got to thinking, "does the shipping field even do anything
for me?"




To the best of my knowledge it's just a placeholder for the shipping charge;
unfortunately there's no way to pro-rate the shipping charges into the cost
of goods of the items on the PO using a weighted average.....maybe version 3?
By the way does anyone have any info on getting a sneak preview of rms
version 3? Or its still the same old "it's going to look like
MSPOS"....thanks. -

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