Short term loan


Terry D

I require a short term loan (about £2000) to pay for my new central heating
system. I'm expecting a substantial sum of money in the (hopefully) near
future due to an inheritance, so then I will be easily able to clear the
debt. The heating account will have to be settled in the next two weeks, so
I need the money fairly urgently. What is the best way of obtaining the
money? Should I apply for an overdraft from my bank; take out a personal
loan with (no redemption fee); or apply for a 0% balance transfer credit
card and use it to transfer cash to my bank account. I realise the latter
would cost me about 3% up front.

Terry D.




If you have a good credit rating try
It's a community bank that enables A-C ratings to borrow from 12-60
months at varying rates depending on how many lenders are in the
market at any one time. Cheaper than any High Street/Internet lender.
I don't know about early the small print.

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