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Sep 21, 2014
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Long term client has issues with the IRS. In discussing the problem with the IRS, I find out that unknown to me he is in collection issue for late filing and underpayment penalty and audits
I asked client about the issues and why he has not told me about them. And what reason he is using to fight the collection and he informs me that is personal.
Client is a a high wealth individual. My gut felling tells me to end the relationship; but he bring a lot of money to my firm Do you all think the above is a reason to drop the client.



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May 12, 2011
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First of all, if you can't trust your gut feelings then you are not trusting the knowledge and experience you've gained over your whole life.

Trust your gut.

Second of all, you now KNOW your client is not being straightforward with you. How can you properly represent his interests while you are working "in the dark'? And how long do you want to be holding your breath about what will happen next caused by his actions or inactions?

Third of all. his unwillingness to share info with you may be due to him looking for someone to replace you. You may be too ethical for him.

Consider telling your client "Bye, Felicia." If he asks why, maybe tell him "it's personal":p
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