Should I stay with Money or go to MS Accounting?



I'm using MS Money 2004 Small Business. I can't think of any reason
to use 2007 since I don't like the very dull look and mechanical
layout. Although, I'd like to hear comments from others that are
using it and what they like.

I have a one person sole proprietorship. I've been using Quickbooks
but it seems very overkill for me. I use to sell products and keep
inventory but now it is all services. The client base is very small
and the business isn't complicated. The various taxes are probably
the most complicated part. I'd like to use either my current Money
2004 SB or MS Accounting 2007. I know MS Accounting will tailor
specifically to a business and probably offer more features I may
use. Will I run into any limits using Money 2004 SB? Is there a
compelling reason to go with MS Accounting 2007?

I do keep a seperate checking account for the business.



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