Should I upgrade from 99?



I only use quicken for my checkbook. should I upgrade to a newer version?



Rick Hess

UfoPilot said:
I only use quicken for my checkbook. should I upgrade to a newer version?
In addition to John's comments, also take into consideration that Q versions
later than yours are WAY more resource demanding. But if you have a modern
processor then this shouldn't be a consideration.

If you're happy (if it ain't broke) why switch?

Jim McColl

If it ain't broke don't fix it. Why would you consider upgrading ? Normally
people upgrade for one or more of the following reasons:

-Take advantage of new advertised features which they want. Quicken has
introduced no new significant features for several years now. All they do is
change the user interface around and tweak existing features a bit each

- Ensure ongoing technical suport for their version from the vendor.
Quicken's fee based support is justifiably notorious for poor quality

- They are forced to upgrade to maintain existing capabilities, as has been
the case with Quicken and online downloads. I was forced to upgrade from
Q2000 last year to maintain stock downloads.

- Much of the user community does upgrade every year, and if you frequently
use this (or similar) newsgroups out of interest or looking for support, you
may want to keep a fairly curent release.

If none of the above applies to you then I suggest there is no reason to
upgrade - ever.

Jim McColl


RE: "No reason to upgrade "ever" is a really strong statement, and even
worse advice."

You kind of took my statement out of context. I also listed many reasons
where an upgrade should be considered. One of these reasons is bound to
apply sooner or later.

However - many people have run the same applications for years with no
problems. Upgrading all of your software on a regular basis can be a very
expensive proposition. Have you l;ooked at the price of MS Office lately ?

Your horror story of people losing data because they failed to upgrade I
have found often applies to small businesses who were still running DOS
applications and got into the trouble they are in because they ignored
warning signs and did not upgrade when they should have.

I have also experienced people who clobbered all their data when trying to
do an upgrade.

Another reason for upgrading, as you point out may be due to upgrading your
operating system. For example, I had to upgrade a few applictions when I
converted to WindowsXP. Quicken was not one of them.

Ufopilot stated that he only uses Quicken for his checkbook he did not
identify a need to convert data to other applications. What are you
referring to when you say that hardware failure can necessitate an upgrade ?

Bottom line is that Ufopilot will certainly have a reason some day to
upgrade his Quicken release. He should understand why he is upgrading and
not go out and buy the latest release of a software package because of fear
of future obsolesence or some vague feeling that he ought to.

I would also be interested in your recommendations on frequency of software
upgrades and the reasons.





thanks for all the replies. I think I'll stick with 99 for now.

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