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Nick @ REAL

Ok guys,

In three weeks we plan on going live with RMS. I am looking for a sigcap,
msr device rolled into one. Anyone out there use one of these successfully
with RMS? If so, which one works the best and does both functions?




Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]

At last check, none. You can check with HHP (Hand Held Products) for their
3100 or 8800 models. They were supposed to be working on upgraded OPOS
drivers that would allow RMS to use both functions of the device, but I
don't know the status on that.



Yaniv Zahavi

I'm kind of stuck on the same problem. When we decided to go with RMS we
where lead to believe that the HHP product will work and do both Debit and CC
on the same device. When we where getting ready to buy the HHP product we
called HHP and where sadly informed that they have a bug with their product
and it will not do what we where told it would. That was about 3 months ago
when we talked to them and they told us that they are working on the bug and
hoping to release an update in 2 or 3 months. I would try talking to them
HHP-TT8810CNK3110 PART# TT3101KIT-3 or if they have something else maybe
that works.

I will look into it myself and if I find something I will post back to you.

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