signing off weekends



I was under the impression that you could restrict your working hours
in your jobcentre agreement ie if your agreement states you will work
9 to 5 you can refuse a job outside of those hours.
You may be right - but I'm not sure its the default arrangement. I think
you'd have to specify that at the initial interview. Isn't there a
section on one of the forms that asks "if you want to restrict the hours
you work", you have to say why?

Also I belive I am right in saying you don't have to work night unless
the job you want is a night job because some people can't cope with
night work.
Yes very true - but you'd have to say why you don't want to work nights.
The onus is on you to give a reason.

They have you by the balls in many ways.

I'm quite careful when I negotiate my JS agreement - I hopefully give
myself a get out of jail option. Never had to use it yet though.


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