Small Bus. Q: Capital vs Deductible Expenses


Donald Holman

Good evening all. I had a question I hoped someone would be
able to help me with. In the middle of last year, I created
a small business dedicated to my photography and
photographic prints. This was in response to a large number
of requests for prints from people. I'll be the first to
admit I wasn't fully ready, but the large number of requests
and the fact that I wanted to make sure I was on the "up and
up" as far as the IRS and Dept. of Revenue were concerned
led me to formally create the business.

My question is this, I've been trying to read IRS
Publication 535: Business Expenses. From what this
publication says, it appears to me that my camera and
printing equipment would be considered startup cost and a
capital expense while things like supplies (film,
cartridges, etc) would be considered deductible expenses.

Am I reading/understanding this correctly or is there
another way of looking at this that makes my camera
equipment a deductible expense?

Thank you very much for any information you can give me.



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