USA So You Want to be a CPA


John Baker

If you can afford it, even if things are tight budget wise, here's an approach to this profession.

Every small CPA firm - one, two and three person office, are always spread real thin for the simple stuff. I mean things like simple adding up numbers, filing, sweeping up, emptying baskets, answering phones, running errands like to the post office, making coffee, getting office supplies, holding down the fort while
the staff is out with clients, and so forth.

In this capacity, don't expect a paycheck, don't expect a job off at anytime, and don't expect a reference for a job later on. Just let it be known you're there to
"pay your dues", sort-ta speak. You're there to look, listen and learn as much as you can as you go through college, regardless how long it takes.

Caution should be exercised in asking questions about your studies - don't. These people don't care about you personally. They all realize that you're there
to pick up as much as you can, keep the confidentiality of their client base, be very, very, very friendly with your personality, but never personal friendly.
Consider this time like "pre-med" that doctors go through.

And last, don't bug the staff by asking .. " can I help you?" If anyone wants your help, they'll ask for it. Remember, you'll be looked upon as sooner or later
taking someone's job - because you're cheap. Just pace yourself, take whatever is tossed your way, observe and learn what you can.

Special note: Take notice of the demeanor of everyone there. Ask yourself - "Is this what I really want to do for the rest of my life?" Why? Because without
fail, you'll notice that there's at least one person that enjoys berating, making life miserable, and all kinds of negativity for everyone else with less going for
them. This is 100% across the board in this profession. Anyone that tells you different is THAT PERSON.


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May 12, 2011
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United States
How long were you in that profession?



John Baker

31 years. Retired as Controller in manufacturing capital goods.

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