social security number mix-up



When I started my credit profile 20+ years ago, I made a mistake in
listing my social security number as 111-11-1149 instead of
111-11-1194; that is, the last 2 numbers reversed. I did not have a
social security card and mixed it up in my memory.

Of course, all my other info was 100% accurate, so they had my correct
address, my correct phone number, correct employer, and so on,
everything was 100% correct except I made this mistake on my social
security number.

Then, 6 years ago, I had occassion to have to produce my social
security card and I did not have one, so I applied for a replacement
card, and when I did I found out the last 2 numbers were mixed up.

So when I realized it was wrong, I corrected it on my social security
account, my job, and my insurance, but I did not correct it on my
credit profile nor my 15-20 creditors simply because I thought it
would be a major headache of bureaucracy and it didn't really matter.

Now I am filing chapter 7 bankruptcy and I wonder how much of a
problem this might be and what I might do to make it less of a
problem? Should I call and correct the number with my creditors and
credit bureau NOW? Or just let it ride through the Chapter 7?

Please advise. I'm really worried that this is going to give the
creditors a technicality to get my bankrupcy denied.

Have any of you ever encountered such a problem? If so how did it
affect the bankruptcy and what would you advise me to do?

Other than this, my wife and I who are filing together seem to be
fully qualified for Ch. 7, our income is $10k under the average for
our state and we definitely cannot go on paying our bills due to
borrowing a lot for dental bills last year and due to my wife having
lost her job and me having had my days of work reduced by 20-25% this


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