Some educated guidance needed


Michael Behm

What is the proper way to reconcile HQ item quantities with Store
quantities. We recently finished our year end physical inventory count.
After committing the changes at the Store level, a 501 was ran to pull in
the correct Store quantities. We then ran the Task 190 to do a Full Item
Count Reconcilliation. Things looked fine utnil the next morning after the
401 was ran overnight. It looks to me like item quantity changes were made
twice. Once when we ran the 501/Task 190, then again when the 401 was ran.
The item discrepency list is off by exactly the same as the physical
inventory adjustments.

What is the proper procedure after taking the physical inventory count?
Should the 501 not be ran until after the 401 is run?

Any guidance on this issue would be appreciated.


What did we do wrong?


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