Specifying the User to Connect to Remote SBA


Robert Lair

I have went through and setup the multiuser settings for SBA, but I need to
be able to specify what user I am connecting as. Is there a way to do this
from the SBC file?

For instance the contents of my SBC file are: (of course I have changed the
IP address)


Are there additional items that we can set in this file to specify user? If
not, how can I do it?




Jesper Olsen [MS]

Hi Robert

SBA always uses the credentials of the the current Windows user when you try
to logon to a database.
So if you from one machine (user:\Rob) try to connect to an
SBA on another machine it will be that user (\Rob) whose
credentials are used.
You will need to add that user in SBA on the remote machine.

If you wish you can try using the Windows feature RunAS from a cmd prompt
when launching SBA.


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