Spending by Category and Special Categories



I like the pie chart on the homepage, but I cannot get it to include anything
in the "Special" Expense Categories. For instance, when I make a Credit Card
Payment, Money records this as a Credit Card Payment: Financial Institution
Name and logs it in the Register for that Credit Card and adjusts the
balance. However, this payment does not show up on the spending pie chart
because the chart does not allow you to pick from the "Special" Expense
categories. If I change the spending category to Credit Cards, it shows on
the chart, but does not associate with the credit card. If I do it that way
and copy the payment to the Credit Card account, Money thinks it is an
expense on the card and not a payment. Is there a way to make a Credit Card,
Loan, or Mortgage Payment both work with the Spending pie chart and the
Accounts page?



Dick Watson

Here's the deal: Credit Card Payment:[xyz] isn't, for this purpose,
spending. That's why it's "special". You spent the money when you used the
credit card. Now you're just paying it back.

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