Split Cash/Check payments & deposit slip


Tom C.

QB2003 Basic. We get customers who insist on paying the bulk of the services
with check, then tip in cash. When I enter this in a sales receipt, I'd like
to enter the split payment so that the deposit slip shows the correct amount
of cash vs check amounts. So far, I have not figured out how to do this. I
can either enter the payment as cash or check, but not both. And I have to
manually compute the cash amount for the bank deposit slip. Any ideas?
Thanks! -- tom c




Create Payment Items. You can use as many different Payment Items as
you wish on each Sales Receipt.

Tom C.

So, you're saying that on the Sales Receipt I can set the payment item to
check, enter the line items convered by the check, then change the payment
item to cash for the tip, and QB will track the payment type line item by
line item? The way the user interface for payment item is set up, I got the
distinct impression that you only got to pick one payment type for the Sales
Receipt. Please clarify if you don't mind. Thanks very much. -- tom c


!-! is right, go to the Items/Services List, create a new item. You will
notice that you can create payment items. (As many as your want, Cash,
Check, MC, VISA, etc.) make sure to associate them correctly how you make
your deposits.

On a Sales Receipt, do not use check number and payment method box for split
payments. Under the item sold, put in the payment items that you have
created as line items. That's all there is to it.

For some of my clients, we have customized a sales receipt form, removed the
payment box. You could even go as far as adding the payment items to a Sales
Receipt with zero amounts and memorize the form. I'm not sure it would save
much time however. Most of my use this process for retail stores, when they
Z-Out their cash registers.





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