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Sep 21, 2014
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Hi all,

I have got one year work experience as an accounts payable processing invoices, payments and journal entries as well as reconciling bank statement and supplier statements.

I am now studying towards my ACCA qualification and i am currently looking for an AP position to further develop my skills before applying for a more advanced role.

I have received a job offer as a cashier and I am now debating whether I should accept it or whether I should accept only AP positions. In that position I would only deal with expenses and bank reconciliation and I am not sure how helpful that experience could be when I decide to apply for more advanced accounting roles at a later stage.
What do you think? Should I accept it?

With regards to my career path I would like to know whether the following plan makes sense or not.

Working as an AP for 12 months then work as an assistant accountant for a couple of year and eventually start applying for accountant or management accountant positions.

I honestly don't know whether the plan above is too ambitious or not but I would appreciate your help and opinion.

Thanks for your help.


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