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Nick @ REAL

Does anyone know the coding for reprogramming the status.htm. You konw the
little window in RMS POS that shows customer info. I want to add, total
sales, times visited, credits and so forth to this window so when a customer
is pulled up, the info is there for the cashier.

Can anyone help please, and no, I don't want to visit a reseller for this,
it should be something programmable by the end user.




Master T Excellante'

It is beyond normal end user talents, and best left to a programmer who
understands XML and the session object. I don't think many retailers have
those talents. Nor do they want to skink up the old database now do they?
Find a quality reseller, pay them to do it, and sell something you sell
while they do their work, so you can pay for it. And be happy! You just
helped the economy at the finest level! Every one did their part!

What if I said what you do or sell should be free? Why are retailers the
enemy when they go to buy? I mean they tell their customers to buy what
they sell, at their price, since it is good stuff. Yet they want everyone
to sell to them at wholesale when they make a purchase. Sort of not
practicing what you preach if you ask me. Look in a mirror.

It took me hours to get what you want done. Hours. I learned to code in
1978 though so it might take others longer. Good luck.

Happy Holidays!

Paul Arenson

This is programmable by the end user, provided you know how to write HTML
and possibly VBScript. In your Store Operations/HTML directory you will
find the status.htm file. This is the file that controls your status bar.
I suggest you make a copy of the original before making any changes. I have
had great success adding features and information to the status bar without
the need to use a reseller. That said, I am comfortable writing HTML and
VBScript. Proceed with caution!

Paul Arenson
Anderson Plywood Sales
Culver City, CA





Evan Culver


We'll put it up there shortly, along with some of our other new ones,
including a module to print a signature, captured through a signature
capture device, on to the receipt and journal.


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