Statute of Limitations on Debts



I have some questions regarding the statute of limitations on debts.

What are the time frames that a private lender can attempt collection
for unpaid bills? How can you make sure that you do not "revive" the
statute unintentionally? Is the best thing to not pay a single dime
until the statute passes - will any "good faith" payments be seen to
extend the statute?

How long can the IRS collect back taxes? - I assume there is no
limitation there as they would just garnish any tax refunds you might
be otherwise entitled to.

Am I correct in stating that in the United States there is no statute
of limitations for collection of student loans.

If your student debt load is huge and you don't pay it all back before
retirement does the government garnish your social security cheque? I
know that they can garnish your tax refund as well as in some cases
your spouses.


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