Stock Room Issue


Mr Singh

Can Store Operations work with my stockroom and shop floor? what im trying to
say is that can it tell me how much quantity of an item i have in the
stockroom and where it is located and if i want transfer some of it to my
shop floor? In the stock room a only keep cases so can a parent child thing
work? also im thinkin of buy New West's Mobile suite, can that software help
me in anyway for this because it has a tranfers software included in the




Take a look at Offline Inventory. I use it to manage my stockroom. It allows
items to be tranferred between on-line (on the shelf) and offline (in the
stock room).





We use the offline inventory feature for defective items, etc. We train our
staff to keep the sales floor stocked. You can use the Bin Location for the
location in the stock room and put the BIN labels on the stock room shelves.

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