Strange Printer Problem and Solution


Juan Wei

A neighbor of mine had printer problem s he bought one from a neighbor.
That worked fro a while but when he had problems with that one, his
grandson gave him his unused HP printer.

The problem in this case was that he could not print reports in Quicken.

He could print from every other program and he could print a "Help
Topic" from Quicken. Just not reports.

Also, no matter which he clicked on, the display of the report was
always Portrait.

I wiped the machine clear of all previous printers and reinstalled the
HP drivers (they sure pack a lot of s**t in the driver package!!).

No joy.

Decided to see if he could print a report to the Quicken PDF printer.
When I selected it, the report display change to Landscape, and the
Landscape/Portrait buttons worked.

I switched back to the HP printer and the report display was
Landscape!!! And the report that was printed was printed in Landscape.

No idea why switching away from and then back to the HP printer worked,
but it did.


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