Strategic Advice for an MBA & CFA Candidate on CFP Courses




My question relates to how comprehensive of a course I should use to
study for the CFP. I will be able to challenge the test after I pass
the CFA but feel I would like a broader background as a foundation
going forward. But how broad and deep? That is what I would like
some help on.

A little background. I have been extremely fortunate and landed a
great job with the top financial advisor in my city. The firm has
$300M in AUM and has been in the business for 21 years. Great people
who really know their stuff. I currently meet with clients and help
with financial planning and investment selections. I have my MBA from
Stanford and recently passed the Level I test for the CFA.

Currently I am considering the following 3 options for obtaining my
CFP and just as importantly, mastering the key concepts needed to
provide great service to our clients:

1) The College of Financial Planning - Sounds like a great program.
Very comprehensive and complete. Negative is that most folks say it
takes almost a year of full-time study to complete the program;
probably 18 - 24 months for folks who can spend 15 hours per week
studying. Another negative is the each of the 5 basic study areas
required a proctored exam at their completion.

2) Boston University - Their classroom program has been around 20
years and their online program claims about 10 months needed to
complete studying only 15 hours per month. Exams are given online so
no need to go to a proctor center for the tests. Negative - online
version only around 1 year. No printed version of the study materials
so tougher to study while commuting.

3) Just wait until I pass the CFA and challenge the test. Take a
great review course. Positive - no problem completing in 6 months
studying 15 hours per week. Negatives - will I get the proper
foundation of the concepts? Will I wish I had taken the full course
study program 5 years down the road?

Thanks for any help you can provide.



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