Stratstar Technical Indicators AND Afternoon Report For 19/03/12

Discussion in 'Microsoft Money' started by stockanalytics, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. TRADE LIKE A GENIUS... WITH THE RESOURCES BELOW… : Genius Trader Indicators For 19/03/12

    BSE Sensex

    Current Signal : Date 16/03/12 ; Closing Price 17466; SELL
    Previous Signal : Date 12/03/12 ; Closing Price 17503; BUY
    Open Position (Profit) : -37; Stop Loss 17568

    S&P CNX Nifty

    Current Signal : Date 16/03/12; Closing Price 5317; HOLD
    Previous Signal : Date 10/01/12; Closing Price 4849; BUY
    Open Position (Profit) : 468; Stop Loss 5271

    Afternoon Newspaper

    ' Budget Dissapoints…’

    Daily Market Report for Monday (March 19, 2012)

    This Report enables Non-Technical Analysts' understand Technical
    Signals. Read full report at...

    Trader Resources (For 19/03/12)

    Intra-day Support and Resistance Levels Based on the "Pivotal Point"
    theory of technical analysis.

    BSE 'A' Group 200 stocks

    NSE India Midcap Stocks

    NSE Stocks Futures Support and Resistance Levels

    Market Updates
    (Buzzing Stocks, Brokerage Recos, Market Reports, Latest News,
    Business News, Economy, Global Markets, IPO News) .

    Moving Averages
    (Exponential Moving Averages - EMA 12, EMA 30, EMA 48, EMA 150)
    (Simple Moving Averages - SMA 5, SMA 15, SMA 40, SMA 200)

    Top Gainers

    Top Losers

    52 week high/lows

    52 Week High Low Mid-cap Stocks

    International Indices, Commodities and Indian ADR's

    Investment Directory
    (Search for links about investments and personal finance.)

    Wisdom Desk

    We do not view the company itself as the ultimate owner of our
    business assets but instead view the company as a conduit through
    which our shareholders own assets.

    -Warren Buffett
    stockanalytics, Mar 19, 2012
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