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Dec 26, 2017
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I could use some insight from some experienced professionals here.

I am the Accounts Payable clerk for my company and I operate on a 4-way matching process, Invoice, packing slip, requisition and purchase order. Right now I'm getting about 80 - 100 invoices a day on average. I do all my own filing among other tasks, so I have limited time and I'm trying to find a way to make printing all my invoices easier.

I have an email inbox that is specifically for invoices. I use Microsoft Outlook 10 for email and Global shop for posting invoices. I wanted to find a way to receive and print many documents automatically or faster than going to each email and printing individually.

I found a few ways but each has some flaws.

First I created a VBA script in outlook and used a Rule to automatically print invoices (just the attachment, not the email itself) and save a copy for me in a file. I found that I had to click the "Run Rules Now" for it to work. And that part was fine with me, because I dont think I would want my printer to go off unexpectedly, especially if I'm printing checks. The only fly in the ointment was I found that 1 in 10 invoices were skipped.

Secondly, I created another script for Outlook rules that would save all attachments to My Documents on my computer. And could go to the folder, select the documents, right click and print. But again, I saw that occasionally a file was skipped. Also I saw that I could not select all of them at once.

Next I found that in Outlook I could select many emails, go to File/Print/Print Options then check the box that says "Print attachments" and then where it says Page Range, I click in the box and put "0". That means it will print the attachments and not the emails. Well, this option would have been perfect. But once again, I couldn't select more than 5 or 6 emails at a time because it'll skip some.

So that is my question to you all..... does anyone have any solutions to make printing many documents easier? The software I have to work with is Microsoft Outlook 10 and Global Shop Solutions. And most of my attachments are PDF.

thanks all,


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