UK Structured digital reporting

Apr 19, 2022
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United Kingdom
Hi all

I am working as Lecturer in Accounting at the Open University. I am working on a research project aiming to investigate the challenges faced by corporate organisations in adoption and implementation of structured digital reporting in the UK, and what measures should be taken by regulators to address and improve them. I need to discuss this issue with senior managers account and finance/CFO’s/CEO’s/Board Members from listed companies and/or senior managers from Audit Firms. The discussion will not last longer than 40-60 minutes. I can hold an online meeting on participant's preferred date/time. I will be happy to share more information along with a list of questions she would like to discuss during the meeting.

I will really appreciate if anyone can either spare time to discuss this with me or can help connect me with the relevant personnel.

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards

Dr Fatima Yusuf


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