I just upgraded to Money 2005 and find a useful feature
is missing. I have been using Money for the last 7 years
and enjoyed using a category and subcategory for my
expenses. Now these two items are combined in one
dropdown box and very hard to use. I used to use a
category then tab to the subcategory and pick an item.
Now when I pick a category the subcategories are not
visible unless I use the mouse to scroll through. All
previous versions gave an option of using one box or two
but in the latest version I can't find how to get the two
boxes back. Any ideas? Thanks.



Glyn Simpson, MVP

It's been removed. What you can do is type in a few letters of the
subcategory and it should find it quicker that scrolling through.

Andrew S. Clark

I don't understand. Transfers don't have categories because there is no
reduction in assets. Can you rephrase what you mean please?


Richard Bollar

It's possible to enter transfers in a withdrawal/deposit transaction form by
entering "transfer" as the category, and the name of the account as the

In versions of Money prior to 2005, it used to be an excellent shortcut that
was very valuable to me.


Glyn Simpson, MVP

I think you can do so with transfer target, so long as the account name
isn't the same as a category/subcategory name. Just tried it on an account
called 'Joint' in a test file and it did pick up the transfer category.

Because transfers are all listed at the bottom, it could be quicker, in that
instance to scroll (unless you have hundreds of accounts).





Dick Watson

What Glyn was saying was that you can enter Food:Groceries in the single
list mode by typing gro and letting Money autocomplete this to
Food:Groceries. What I was saying is that if, say, you have an account named
FidInv (cash) and you want to transfer money to it, typing fid in the single
list view will NOT result in Money autocompleting it to FidInv (cash).

Transfer is a "special category" the "subcategory" of which is the account
name of the opposite half of the transfer. It is entered in the
category:subcategory field. You are correct in noting that it doesn't cause
a reduction in assets, but this is irrelevant to the discussion about Single
List category (classification and special categories, too) view.

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