UK Submitting a Tax Return for a Limited Company

Mar 12, 2013
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I'm not sure if this thread has already been discussed or not because I am new.

I left university in 2011 with a 2:1 in Accounting with Entrepreneurship, I am currently studying for my CIMA qualification and I have studied accounting since 2007 and have been asked to see if I can submit a company's Tax return. They are Limited with a turnover of less than £100k. I am currently doing the company's bookkeeping and VAT Return and I am working out a lot cheaper than his previous accountant. I have previously submitted returns for sole traders/partnerships but was always under the impression that it had to be a chartered accountant who does Limited.

I am currently working for a company which has a turnover of £3M and I am just doing the monthly management accounts for them and we have accountants to obviously sign them off due to the enormity.

I have spoken to CIMA and he wasn't very clear on what I can or cannot do but he did say I was not allowed to sign them off with anything to do with CIMA so I could not include my designatory letters than I have achieved so far. :confused:

Is there any advise as to whether I can/cannot do them and where would I find any more information about filing them?



Sep 1, 2011
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As long as an audit is not required then any accountant, qualified or unqualified can prepare the accounts and Tax Return.

What you need to be wary of are CIMA rules and how this could affect your membership.

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