Subsidiary Ledgers


Adrian Parker

Hello all. I'm maintaining the books for a Driving company up here in
Ontario. This company has many students who pay for accounts.

At present the company has a single Accounts Receivable account. They are
placing the invoices and payments for evey student into this one Accounts
Receivable account. Is this wise?

I have begun moving each student into his own accounts receivable account
(ie: Adrian Parker Receivables, John Doe Receivable). I *THINK* this is
similar to a subsidiary ledger? I know it works well on paper anyway.

Is my way proper? Quicken can indeed track individual bills and persons
within a single Accounts Receivable account, but is it wiser to setup a
different account for each user?

Also, how can I select more than one transaction at once? In my attempt to
move each person's invoices/payments into an individual account, I'm finding
I have to move each transaction individualy. I can't use the select or
control key to highlight more than one account at once.



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