Sue Debt Collectors!


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I have been putting together a list of lawyers who sue debt collectors.
Here are a few in different states. If you have more, please post
them. I would like to see a list of really good and aggressive
attorneys dedicated to suing debt collectors who are abusive.


Hyde & Swigart
(These guys are aggressive as hell and as far as I can tell, they don’t
take any money up front. They take a portion of what they win for you!
I have heard really great things about them and recommend anyone in
California who is getting letters or phone calls from debt collectors
call these guys! Very aggressive, very experienced. Also, very
informative web site, too!)


The Barry Law Office
(I don’t think this guy charges anything up front, either! Another
group that kicks debt collectors asses! Great web site, too. This guy
appears to be well known in the mid-west and very experienced.)


Lightner Law Offices, P.C
(Great Firm on the East Coast!)
(e-mail address removed)


Law Offices of Dean Malone, P.C.

Great BBS for combating debt collection abuse:


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