Suggestion for matchin e-bill transactions


Carlos N

On my bank's web (BoA) site I have set it up to receive ebills, and in some
cases initiate payment based on the ebill.

I know that Money will not display ebills. However, it does display the
epayment initiated by the ebill through the bank. Thus, right now my
Discover bill just came through, and Money is already displaying in the
register the epayment the bank created for Nov 11 based on the ebill.
Sometime after Nov 11, the cleared transaction will also download, and be
marked as such in money. So far so good.

However, I have also set up a bill in Money's B&D, also due Nov 11. Has
anyone figured out an effective method of getting Money's B&D to match the
e-bill initiated payment? Because it is not a downloaded transaction the
automatic matching does not appear to work, at least not until the actual
transaction (not just the epayment) is downloaded.



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