Sunset version available for Money 2007 Home & Business?



Hello All,

I have the above-mentioned software and it works fine, but I have had some
hoops through which I had to jump to activate the software when I upgraded to
Vista and then to Windows 7 and needed to reinstall all my software titles.
Big hassle.

Will the Money Plus Sunset version for Home & Business also work to replace
the version I have?

I do not use most of the online services anyway, but if my computer crashes
or I need to reinstall a clean version of Windows, I will be left without the
Money software.

Very concerned,




From my understanding, the Sunset version of Money Plus is available to
whomever wants to use it, be they current Money Plus users, current Money
2007 users, or even people who've never used any version of Money before.
Treat it as if it were freeware.

I am a Money 2007 Deluxe user. What I am going to do, I think, is continue
to use my current version. But I downloaded and saved a copy of Money Plus
Deluxe Sunset so that if I ever have problems reinstalling my current
version, I can just upgrade to Money Plus Sunset.




I have never come accross a fantastic freeware than Money Sunset. Feel free
and safe to install as many times and reinstallation should be as easy and
painless as initial installation.

Come to think of it, Microsoft are giving aay software that they have
developed over a period exceeding a decade with all the fixes and
enhancements! My advice, download now and burn to DVD for posterity.I can
bet you that there will NOT be a better desktop (or even online) PFM manager
that will beat the Sunset version in functionality et al in the next decade
or so.

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