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Jul 17, 2015
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United States
Hello all, I am new here and need to post a survey for a research paper I am conducting. If a few of you can either look it up on survey monkey or post a reply to me here that would be great. The survey title on is Perception of Accounting and Education. If you can either message me privately or just reply to this thread that would be great. Thanks!


What do you think an accountant does at work?

How important is the accounting profession to society in your opinion?
Not important Sometimes important Important Very Important
Why did you choose this answer?

Are you aware of a shortage of accounting professionals in your town?
Yes No
If so how many unfilled positions do you think there are?

Do you know anybody with an accounting degree?
Yes No

Do you know anybody who started an accounting degree but switched majors?
Yes No

Did your high school offer accounting classes?
Yes No

Did your high school guidance counselor help you choose a college major?
Yes No
If no who were your main influences?

Was accounting an option he/she discussed with you?
Yes No

How hard do you think it is to get an accounting degree?
Easy Somewhat Easy Moderate Difficult Very Difficult
What makes you think this?

Are/were you aware of accounting scholarships or grants in your community?
Yes No
If yes, how many would you estimate?


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