Sync Contacts in SBA 2006 with BCM in Outlook 2003

  • Thread starter Randy Davis, CPA, MBA, MSIT
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Randy Davis, CPA, MBA, MSIT

I have read through responses to similar quesions in this group and am still
dumbfounded that there is not a bi-directional link between SBA and Outlook.

Also, I have tried to export contacts from Outlook into a CSV and then
import the CSV file into SBA and I end up with a mess even after manually
mapping the fields and exporting the contacts full name and address (as
oppsed to seperate fields for first name, last name, address 1, etc.)

Has anyone recently come up with a solution on how to accomplish this. I
recommended SBA to this particular client solely because Microsoft has touted
SBA's integration with Outlook. Thanks for any help!!


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