Syncing BCM Contacts w/ Outlook Contacts




I know this issue has been raised before but I want to register my desire to
get this issue addressed.

I am really like Office Accounting. However the product I like even more is
BCM. BCM is a great light weight CRM tool and I use it all of the time. I
want to pass along my biggest problem with BCM and that is the fact I have to
make a choice between having a contact in BCM or Outlook contacts. The
Outlook Contacts/BCM Contacts is the biggest complaint my customers have
also. It keeps many of them from adopting it.

For me and my customers the fact BCM Contacts don't behave just like Outlook
contacts on Smart Phones is probably the number one complaint i.e. when BCM
contact calls their info should be displayed, BCM contants are first class
citizens int he phone (think voice commands), basic changes to contacts flow
seemlessly back to the store w/o connecting to computer.

To me it seems like the best solutions would be to Exchange to store as much
contact info as possible and use SQL to exstend the schema for additional
info. Second choice would be to offer to sync BCM Contacts with Outlook


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