Tag along items



I would like to offer a matrix item as a tag along item.
However, i cannot select the general matrix item as the
tag along, it has to be the specific item (example - i
cannot choose shirt, i have to choose red, medium
shirt.) If i want to give away a shirt with the purchase
of item X, is there anyway to just make the shirt be the
tag along and let the cashier select the dimensions at
checkout so the customer can choose what color and size?
Let me know if anyone has any suggestions.




Glenn Adams

No, there's no way to do that without building an Add-In. The Matrix items
are stored in a different location from actual inventory items.

You might consider using an item message to alert the cashier to add the
shirt. Along with an item message, you could create either a custom POS
Button or a macro to add the matrix item.

Tag Alongs are usually used with zero cost non-inventory items, although
there are certainly other cases.

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