Taking Items off sale


Philip Gass

Can anybody tell me how to take items off sale?

For example, i can use the wizard to put items on sale for a timescale, and
then set the price etc, but after the sale date has expired, even though the
item will stop selling at the sale price, the item is on sale box is still

is there a way i can take all items in a given filter off sale??



Terrible Tom

I posted a similar question back in July. I never got any response.

I ended up using a query. I am using HQ and one of my office staff
mistakenly issued a worksheet that set all items to 'On sale' with a sale
price of $0.00 and start/end dates of 12/31/1899. It didn't really have any
effect because of the dates, but I still wanted to uncheck that box.

The query I used (in HQ):
UPDATE Item SET SaleType = 0

You could refine the query by adding: WHERE fieldname operator value (for
example, DepartmentID = 2) if you didn't want to un-sale everything.

It might be easier to un-sale everything then use the wizard to put any
desired items on sale. You might make this a regular thing - for example, if
your sales run for entire months, you could un-sale everything at the end of
the month before using the wizard to set sale prices for the new month.

RMS definitely needs a way to reverse the Sale Price wizard and HQ WS301.



Just curious, but why is the box being checked an issue? As you said "it
didn't really have any effect because of the dates". I use the set sale
price wizard regularly and the box being checked doesn't seem to have any
effect on this either. As I said, I'm just curious, because if there is a
good reason to uncheck it after every sale's over then I'd want to do it



Philip Gass

Thanks for the advise Tom, i think ill run a bit of SQL and tidy up those
tick boxes!

Craig - I dont think there is anything particulary problematic about having
the tick boxes there as long as the date range stops the sale price taking
effect, but i print sheets regularly for staff to refer to, and if the sheet
is full of items with old sale dates, it makes it hard to see items which
have been changed or are newly put on sale, i only want items which are
curently on sale on my list!

I know i could filter my reports differently, but i would still rather have
my entire list from one supplier without the old sale dates appearing!

Hope that makes sense!


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