Task schedulers that mesh with Simply Accounting -- recommendations??

Discussion in 'Accounting Software' started by Matt Shepherd, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. Hi all,

    My name's Matt Shepherd, and I work for a translation and
    English-language services company in Sherbrooke, Quebec. We've been
    growing recently and now have five employees.

    At the moment, we have over a hundred clients. A typical day can see
    up to twenty small jobs passing through the office. Until now, we've
    been using a logsheet system I created in Microsoft Access to manage
    our workload.

    The thing is, our accounting person has to copy all of our logging
    information (time worked on documents, word counts, per-word rate
    (which varies), job details, etc.) onto every bill she makes in SA.
    It's an incredible time-sink.

    I'm wondering if anyone could recommend some sort of task-management
    software that meshes with SA seamlessly. The ideal would be software
    that tracks the following elements:

    Job name
    Date due
    Client name
    Contact name
    Who did the work
    Word/hour count
    Rate per word/hour
    Delivery Date

    and can automatically convert that information into a bill, preferably
    with just the push of a button.

    SUPER ideally this would be information that all computers in the
    office could access, but having the added efficiency of an accounting
    program/scheduler is worth losing that feature.

    I've tried researching various scheduler programs, but they mostly
    seem geared towards large jobs/many departments, not small jobs/lots
    per day. And our accounting person doesn't want to switch from SA (the
    move from MYOB was hard enough), so SA integration is essential.

    Suggestions welcome!

    Matt Shepherd, Oct 8, 2004
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  2. Matt Shepherd

    Mark B Guest

    You could try Task Manager 2005 at www.orbisoft.com

    Here's a press release on it:

    Orbisoft Releases Task Manager 2005™ Task / Project Management

    Seattle, Washington -- September 25, 2004 -- Somewhere placed between
    Microsoft's Outlook® task manager and Microsoft Project®, Orbisoft's
    Task Manager 2005™ seeks to enable managers to better take control of
    tasks, jobs and projects that their teams are working on.

    Taking a different approach to traditional task management, Orbisoft
    says they have heeded calls from middle management users, saying the
    product is more in-line with mainstream realties of workplace

    "Managers typically have a need to monitor a high volume of
    homogeneous tasks rather than a lesser number of single, complex
    projects. Our market research indicated that many users were averse to
    use more complex project management software for this type of task and
    job tracking -- one of the main reasons cited was that the time taken
    to enter and maintain data simply exceeded the benefits of having it."

    "What we found was that users wanted a high volume, low maintenance
    system that was relatively easy for their team members to use. With
    this in mind Orbisoft's development team focused on making a product
    with the deliberate software design goal of keeping user data-entry
    and maintenance time at a minimum. At the same time power-users who
    wanted sub-task functionality weren't isolated -- Task Manager 2005
    does allow for up to four nested levels of task grouping."

    The Task Manager 2005 software package can be used personally or in a
    multi-user team environment.

    "Task Manager 2005 is generally a good tool for clustered managers
    each managing say between 5 and 100 people. With each team member
    having a generous handful of individual or shared tasks, or client
    jobs, those couple of hundred of tasks or jobs necessitate a good
    overall monitoring system. Add more managers and their respective team
    members, tasks numbering into the thousands, and a good system is
    crucial, especially to avoid missed deadlines with customers, other
    internal departments and other management interests."

    The Task Manager 2005 software program has many power features you'd
    expect from modern software, and many features relate directly to the
    design focus mentioned: quick data entry templates and task close out
    screens, intelligent field defaults, automated email reminders,
    customizable database fields, reporting, task charting, security,
    automated task scheduling, and even synchronization with Microsoft
    Outlook® tasks if you so desire.

    While Task Manager 2005 has a Windows XP look about it, it will
    operate on all Microsoft Windows desktop platforms from Windows 98 to
    XP Home and XP Professional.

    Orbisoft offers Task Manager 2005 as a free 45-day trial
    (www.orbisoft.com/download/ ). Multi-user pricing begins at $379 USD.

    For more information on Task Manager 2005, visit www.orbisoft.com
    Mark B, Oct 19, 2004
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  3. I'll give it a poke and see how it works. I really want something that
    integrates with SA, though -- some sort of pushbutton "create an invoice in
    SA from this scheduling program" software.

    To be honest, I'm surprised it hasn't been made yet.

    Cottage industry!

    - Matt
    Matt Shepherd, Oct 20, 2004
  4. Matt Shepherd

    Chris Gunn Guest


    Drop by http://www.authord.com/SW/index.html and try out Schedule Wizard.

    Using its simple scripting language, you can teach it to open virtually any
    program and do all of the key strokes to perform virtually any task. You
    can generate a canned invoice with one script, then E-Mail a copy with
    another. It can also import and type external files into a program.

    It does reminders and a bunch of other stuff as well.

    Thanks, Chris www.bizynet.com and www.bizycart.com
    BIZynet Coordinator - (850) 936-1234
    Moderator of biz.ecommerce, biz.general, biz.marketplace.discussion,
    biz.marketplace.web-design, biz.marketplace.international & others
    Chris Gunn, Oct 20, 2004
  5. Matt Shepherd


    Jul 30, 2011
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    I suggest Saviom employee scheduling software can be useful.
    namrata10, Jul 30, 2011
  6. Matt Shepherd


    Oct 25, 2013
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    Integration with SA - import data Sales Invoice, TimeSlip etc

    Hi Matt,
    We are Sage Partners, and specialize in data integration of Sage50 (Canadian/US), Simply Accounting data, integration and import of different sources - Access, excel, csv, text into Accounting software. Installation and support is our business.

    Please let me know if you would like to avail our utility program/services, as we would be happy to assist you.


    Akhtar Rawasia

    Business Innovation Technologies Inc.


    swagsys.com - Data Import from Any Source – Sage 50 Canadian Edition(Sage Simply Accounting), QuickBooks, Sage Accpac, Sage 50 US Edition(Sage Peachtree)

    bithelp.ca Contact for Technical Support, Sage 50 Canadian Edition Software Training Questions

    (905) 944-8900
    akhtar24, Oct 25, 2013
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