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Prairie Computers SK Canada

I am new to POS 2009 so this may be a simple question, but it escaped me.
1) We have 2 tax types. How do you setup customers so they are exempt for
only one. If you use the exempt feild in customer setup then they are exempt
from all.
2) We have each tax seperate on the receipt, but is their a way to display
both taxes seperatley on the pos screen?





I am having the same issue but with RMS 2.0..when i set it up to exempt
certain part of the tax it gives no tax..plz help



Ryan @ RITE

If you only have the two tax setups, regular and the special one for
some customer, you may be able to setup Destination Based Taxes. You
will need to enable this option in Store Options, but then you can pick
a field (I'd suggest County if its not being used) and add a specific
value to this field (Tax1 for example). From there you add a Tax
Location with that same value. Then when you go to alter the Sales Tax,
you will be able to toggle between local and your new tax location to
select which Sales Taxes get applied to which situations. So everyone
with a County set to Tax1 would get one set, and everyone else would get
the other.

It's a bit of a work-around, but I think it will do what you are looking

I will follow up with you on the other forum in which we have been
chatting. There is a similar technique in RMS.

Thank you,

Ryan Sakry
Program Manager
(e-mail address removed)
320-230-2282 ext. 4002 (Office)
320-230-1796 (Fax)

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