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Oct 29, 2018
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United Kingdom
Hello everyone

Our major regular customer is issuing us purchase order mostly within 14 days but now they have started to issue some purchase orders very late. Like some PO are being issued between 14-20 days and some even after one month. But they have credit period of 2 months after invoice date . PO also needs to be checked by operations before we can invoice. According to my understanding i should not generate invoice before the PO has been received. And invoice date will ALWAYS be the date invoice being generated , not the date of receiving PO or the date of supply of service.

I am confused in this situation if the tax point will remain the same as invoice date despite the fact that invoice is being generated after a month as we are providing services to them continuously or should i use the basic tax point for the invoices being generated after 14 days of supply of services.? For those invoices being generated earlier than 14 days the invoice date will be tax point.

I am trying to get advice this is the best way to deal with this or there is any other thing i should consider.

Thank you so much in advance.


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