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USA Discussion in 'Individuals' started by Bazzaman, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Bazzaman


    Sep 20, 2018
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    I am having a problem with one of my clients. She is English and has a Green card. having been fully resident and wholly based in the USA for 8 eight years prior to this tax year. She returned to the UK in October 2016 to look after her father.
    In the tax year (UK) ended 5th april 2017 she earned $7932 in employmenr wages in the Unite States on which she paid a total of $1808 in state and federal income taxes and she also generated a loss from self employment of $12,722 in my work as an actor. She says she is now treati within it or both of these sources of income as treaty exempt for the purpose of the UK tax return and they are therefore not included in the return.

    So what is my way forward. I have her 1099 here in the states and some expenses.

    My question is because she has a green card and therefor a tax resident.

    How do i handle the treaty exempt. Whats my best way forward. Can anybody help me

    Bary D T Robinson
    Bazzaman, Sep 20, 2018
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