Templates for Sage Instant Accounts Invoices



Can anyone post templates they may have for Sage Instant Accounts
Invoices (or any Sage products) Im looking to print a bunch, then
refeed them when I print invoices. I only print about 30 invoices a
month so this is my best option.

In the Sage Forums I have come across two templates which I am
including here, though they do not fit my needs. I havent been able to
find a Microsoft Word template though I know they exist.


Submitted by Orlando :


A nice basic template for Invoices using Excel

And From Rob:

I went through the hassle of creating my own templates for invoices,
remittance advice and Statement. I'd guess it took me about 5 hours to
get the first invoice layout done because there is no documentation of
any value for the layout editor. After that it was all much quicker
and now I can do modifications pretty quickly, so it was worth the

For invoices I print a generic letterhead on hi-res inkjet (just about
to use colour laser) and then use that paper when printing invoices
from Sage. The other layouts I just print black and white with all
info on the layout. Having already changed address once in the past
year, I'm glad I didn't get stationery pre-printed yet.

If anyone would like to have these templates to modify, just drop me a
line and I'll email them back. I'll even give some limited assistance
with changes if and when I have time.

Note that an invoice layout can be rather particular to your business.
I sell to resellers, and therefore I want to show a discount on every
line item. As most businesses sell direct to customers this would be
irrelevant, but it's pretty easy to just delete an item and make the
product description field longer.

Anyone who wnats the templates, just email me at (e-mail address removed).
If this attracts junkmail in future, I'll remove the address.



Andy Pandy

I also used excel to make my invoice template.

It takes time, but then you have total control of future changes.

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